Sunday, November 16, 2008

Merl Reagle is an evil genius

This Sunday's crossword is in celebration of Merl Reagle and Will Shortz appearing on the Simpsons tonight! How cool is that?!? Last Sunday's theme was the separation of church and state, so there were blanks in the puzzle where words that included "church" intersected with state names. It was a fun and challenging puzzle. This week's puzzle has the musical notes from the end of the Simpsons running diagonally across the center of the puzzle. This man is mentally disturbed. Who comes up with stuff like this? Anyway, check out the online version of the puzzle here.

I'm feeling much better. The swelling in my throat has gone down tremendously and I can swallow and talk again. Antibiotics, man. Seriously. Painkillers helped too.

It's another beautiful autumn day up here in Seattle. I've been making christmas present for everyone that may lead to new crafts to sell on etsy. I've gotten a lot of comments on the Obama "Yes we Did!" shirts that I made for Kora and a friend. I think I'll list them on my etsy shop and see if anyone will buy them. Right now you can access my shop at

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