Monday, December 8, 2008

What I did during the plague

Our family has gone through the plague. It's horrible. FIrst to catch up. Kora had a wonderful third birthday. Kids everywhere, total chaos, totally her kind of bag.

Shortly afterward, and unrelated, we ALL got the Norwalk virus. It was horrible. Terrible. Awful. Then the grandparents came up for thanksgiving, and THEY got it. Four days and tons of bleach later my mom came up and SHE got it. It's very violent, very short-lived, and very contagious. You should probably wash your hands just from reading this.

I've done nothing but take care of sick children and feel guilty for spreading it to family fir two weeks. But in the few minutes where I realize that I need to get a move on because I made the choice this year to make all my xmas gifts I got moving fast on various projects.

I also had a ton of fun doing the Sew Mama Sew! give-away. Wow, so many amazing craft sites out there. Someday, I will have one too. Someday.

In the meantime, here's what I've been dawdling on.

A wide fabric bracelet with my favorite inspirational quote, "this too shall pass". I'm not religious or anything, but I have totally adopted this as my mantra. It's what I kept thinking to myself while I was in labor with Zoë during each contraction, and it's what I say to myself when my three-year-old is having a tantrum because I won't let her wear her leotard out into the freezing cold outdoors. It's also a nice reminder in the good times, too, to cherish each moment.

These are my stacks of little handbags I'm making for my mommy friends. They will be filled with these:

which are little rice lavender heating pads. I got that idea from this Sew Mama Sew! post. I might slip in a pair of my Mother Folker earrings.

Since my dad and I are total crossword fanatics, I'm trying to design a crossword book holder that will have a pen case attached to the side. I made this one, but I think I'll improve upon my original design by shortening the pen case, moving it to the middle of the cover, and sticking in a hard piece of cardboard that I tore off the back of an paper pad. I think he'll like it. I also ordered him volume 15 of Merl Reagle's puzzlebooks to put in it. Ta-da! A whole present for under $15! Oh, and is it wrong that I ordered a copy for myself, too? : )

Kora thought the scraps of fabric would look cute on Zoë.

These bookmarks have been really fun to make. I'm giving them away in packs of three. Basically, they are various Martha Stewart cardstocks glued back to back with a book quote printed on pretty paper and a ribbon. It was easy to incorporate my toddler's eager hands in sorting the cut bookmarks!

I'm still having some issues with migraines. They are very frequent and disrupt my entire day. Blech. Better than having the plague, though.

Stay healthy!

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